The nature of an exclusive identity

From the Dolomites to the Lagoon, Veneto is a land of wine; Colle del Principe expresses the very best of Prosecco wine and traditional Veneto wines, which represent and enhance the grapes from the territories where three generations of the Dal Bianco family have worked with dedication and passion.
Our Prosecco wines come from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Hills, home to Prosecco Superiore DOCG, but also from territories that host Prosecco DOC.

The two Colle del Principe still wines are based on Pinot Gris, which is included in the DOC Delle Venezie denomination.

Each territory in every one of these Denominations has unique characteristics that are transmitted to Colle del Principe wines, thanks to the skills of winemaker Adriano Dal Bianco, who gives special importance to the terroir of each individual vineyard. Highly significant is the combination of micro climate, subsoil, exposure to the sun and the sea breezes that meet the winds from the Prealps. Each Colle del Principe wine expresses perfectly the characteristics of the grapes from which it is made, assisted by the expertise of the winemaker, together with the able efforts of every member of the winery team to exalt the fruits of this bountiful land.