Wine making passion
and dedication

Colle del Principe is a brand of the Dal Bianco family, whose experience in the trade goes back a long way. Today the business is run by the third generation that has invested heavily in change, particularly in production methods and technology; consumer trends are carefully analysed, as well as end customer needs.
Colle del Principe wines are based on precise selection of the best grapes, together with the Dal Bianco family’s experience. They are amazing quality wines whose youthful vivacity make them a pleasure to drink.


Colle del Principe is the result of teamwork that pays special attention to quality, in terms of raw materials, the production process, and the end product, and includes the quality of the working environment.
The production of Colle del Principe involves love and respect for our land, painstaking human labour and a short production chain that lowers production costs.
Moreover, the brand pays particular attention to the environment, ensuring that the entire production chain is organised and arranged so that its carbon footprint is as small as possible. By exalting the peculiarities of each single variety, we are able to create transversal wines that will adapt to all occasions, satisfy all palates and bring joy.

Colle del Principe invites everyone to differentiate and recycle so that the production chain ends in the best way possible and environmental impact is reduced all along the line.

The values of Colle del Principe have been interpreted to a tee by Amphora Design, an English studio specialising in labels and graphic art for the oenology world. Apparently simple, but significant, the projects prepared by the experienced specialists of Amphora Design are the result of careful studies and a series of consultations. Furthermore, its founder, Neil Tully, has received the prestigious title of Master of Wine, which undoubtedly ensures that he will be in symbiosis with the product involved.

“We were delighted to collaborate with Masottina on the new Colle del Principe branding. Clear direction from the outset allowed us to focus on the brand itself, with a vision to create a more contemporary look whilst maintaining a ‘human touch’. We created the slightly more abstract, hand-drawn crown to provide a more approachable and engaging icon for the brand. This is offset by clean and simply typography. The colour palette of the labels is a subtle mixture of rich and muted tones to reflect the premium nature of the wines. The result is a classic look with a contemporary twist and global appeal.”
– Neil Tully –

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